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The Law Office of Matthew J. Rudy is a full service family law firm, counseling and advising clients engaged in matrimonial disputes. The firm represents clients with family law issues in San Jose, Santa Clara County, and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, including divorce, child custody, child support, and visitation, spousal supportdomestic violence, grandparent rights, property characterization and the division of property.


Every client engaged in divorce has a unique set of needs and priorities. As a divorce lawyer in San Jose, Matthew J. Rudy is committed to addressing those needs on an individualized basis. While thorough and assertive, we counsel clients to resolve their cases in novel and creative ways in order to minimize the emotional strife attendant to divorce.

We seek to resolve divorces and other family law disputes in an efficient and cost effective manner, whether through a negotiated settlement or litigation in court. The firm has extensive litigation experience. We have argued cases involving maintenance, child custody and support, and equitable distribution throughout the courts of  Santa Clara, Alameda, San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties.

San Jose Family Law Services:
Our Pledge to Our Clients

At The Law Office of Matthew J. Rudy, we understand that the issues surrounding your divorce, child custody matter or even pre-nuptial agreement can be very complicated, contentious and emotionally charged. You are confronted with legal, financial and psychological issues which will forever impact your life and the lives of your family. .

It is our job to guide you through this process and counsel you to make important decisions. We listen to our clients to ascertain their priorities and devise legal strategies to achieve their objectives. We explain the law , its nuances and the workings of the court system, ensuring that our clients have a thorough understanding of their case, their rights and obligations,  and the legal process.

While comprehensive negotiated settlements are usually in our client’s best interests, when our client’s needs are best served in court, we provide aggressive and effective representation in the courts of Santa Clara, Alameda, San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties.

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